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Steering Group of
Science Communication

Careers in SciComm

The Steering Group for the Science Communication Network is excited to announce a new video podcast series “Careers in SciComm”, featuring interviews with different experts in the field.

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Mission & Vision

The Steering Group for the iGEM Science Communication Network was established in 2021. With the rise of an information economy in an ever increasingly globalized world, communication has become a crucial part of a scientist’s everyday life. Effective science communication stimulates collaboration and innovation, fosters public support for science, and promotes informed decision making across all levels of society, from governments to individuals.

Our long term goal is to equip synthetic biologists with the skills in science communication needed to succeed as a scientist.

We are creating a free course, Mastering Science Communication, taught by experts in communicating science to the public, using social media for science, scientific illustration, and ethics. In addition, we are launching a webinar series to explore varied careers in science communication, from journalism to policy to social media.

You can contact our Steering Group of iGEM Science Communication at

Steering Group of Science Communication in 2021

  1. Facilitate people's participation in Science Communication careers.
  2. Write an academic paper on science communication in synthetic biology.
  1. Develop and launch a science communication training program.
  2. Collaborate with Education Committee on EduHall/Github for educational resources.

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