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Global Policy Mapping Workshop

The Global Policy Mapping Hackathon is a weekend-long event from Friday September 24 to Sunday September 26, during which iGEMers will come together to map the landscape of global import/export policies that apply to specific areas of synthetic biology. Help us create an incredibly important resource for the world to understand global shipping policies.

Check out the hackathon page.

Mission & Vision

The Steering Group for the iGEM Governance and Policy (GAP) network, founded in 2019, positions iGEM alumni to participate in processes that produce the field’s larger context, such as policy discussions and public consultations. We encourage them to develop governance solutions through hackathons and mentorship. Our aim is to help members of our community, including iGEM teams, understand and navigate local regulations and governance that apply to their synthetic biology work.

The future that ambitious young synthetic biologists want to create cannot be engineered only in laboratories. Synthetic biology exists in a social and regulatory context, which can both constrain its progress and encourage it to evolve in beneficial ways.

Our Steering Group can be a resourceful contact point for teams translating their human practices work into policy solutions that tackles real-world problems. We work closely with the Safety and Security Committee on projects regarding biosafety, containment and biosecurity policy.

You can contact our Steering Group at" text="after-policy [at] igem [dot] org

Steering Group of Governance & Policy in 2021

  1. Encourage our community to participate in open public policy consultations on topics related to synthetic biology.
  2. Build an understanding of global governance of synthetic biology by mapping out local policies.
  1. Create contexts, such as policy hackathons, where the iGEM community can develop governance solutions.
  2. Create a team of policy representatives that can assist teams in navigating local governance and policy issues.

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