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Steering Group of

Mission & Vision

The Steering Group for the iGEM Education Network was founded in 2019 to promote Synthetic Biology education among iGEMers. SynBio has been evolving rapidly and there is an increasing need to develop educational tools, resources, educator pools and analyse impact on various educational models at different educational levels.

With the Education Network, we aspire to facilitate connections between international iGEM/Synbio educators and create a platform for them share knowledge and seek collaborations.

Our aim is to reach out to iGEMers passionate about Synthetic Biology Education and channel their passion into developing new educational tools and initiatives that could benefit our community.

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Steering Group of Education in 2021

  1. Develop and coordinate the Mentorship Program and support the Mentors Network.
  2. Enable collaborative learning and sharing of educational resources throughout the synthetic biology community beginning at the high school level.
  1. Build communication channels between synbio educators and mentors.
  2. Develop and maintain EduHall, an online channel to catalogue, spread and promote the open access of Educative Synthetic Biology and iGEM content worldwide.

2021 Projects

Group Leadership

Group Members