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Steering Group of
Open Science & Accessibility

Open (Tech) Talk Series

The Open Talks project consists of a set of lectures with speakers involved in open (bio) sciences and technologies. The series will be held every three weeks on Saturdays at 14:00 UTC, starting July 3rd and up until September 25th.

Mission & Vision

The Steering Group for the iGEM Open Science and Accessibility (OScA) Network, founded in 2021, was created by observing how accessibility barriers prevent many people, especially in certain regions, from participating in synthetic biology. iGEM is already a global community and is well-positioned to be at the forefront of making synthetic biology more supportive, cooperative, and international.

In OScA, we aim to foster global networks of regional support for emerging synthetic biologists by promoting collaborative work based on the different needs of each community.

We also hope to help our iGEM community in promoting their work in a more accessible and inclusive way, by using open and citizen science principles to achieve that. To facilitate the work and reach out to more communities, we are divided into three regional sub-groups: Americas, APAC and EMEA.

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Steering Group of Open Science & Accessibility in 2021

  1. Collaborate with iGEM Global Alliance of Synbio Associations Initiative in connecting regional communities in Synbio.
  2. Facilitate people's participation in the Open Science and Technologies community (Software, Hardware, Biotech).
  1. Study how to extend access to tools and create general resources for groups starting projects in Biotech and Synbio.
  2. Develop translated content in at least 5 languages to explain iGEM’s approach to synthetic biology.

2021 Projects

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