The core of the After iGEM activity are programs created exclusively for you:

iGEM Network

The desire to reconnect. The iGEM community is naturally strong because of the shared experience of participating in the iGEM competition. Currently there is no way for previous participants to reconnect with each other if they are not still involved with the competition. The iGEM Network is an online platform where community members can maintain an online presence and connect with others who have gone through this shared experience.

Where Are You Now

A campaign to reengage with the individuals. To learn the story of where you are and how you got there. There are two types of outcomes: stories and statistics. The statistics tell us about the impact of iGEM; the stories make it real. Interested in participting in this? Let us know!

Find A Friend

Help us reach out to our lost members to reconnect.


An annual application-based program to for those who want to spend 3-6 months working behind the scenes to support the iGEM competition teams and officially represent iGEM in your region. iGEM provides travel support, materials, and infrastructure. The program was tested in 2006 with 6 ambassadors. It is re-launching in for the 2017 season. See the Ambassadors Program page for more information.


For those who want to shout out about iGEM. iGEM Representatives are individuals who embody the spirit of iGEM and who want to serve as official representatives of iGEM in their region. See the Representative Program page for more information.


Share your knowledge and advise iGEM teams on how to navigate the competition. Applications will open early-2018. See the Team Mentorship page for details.

Jobs & Careers

Connect and recruit! See the Job Opportunities page.

iGEM Digest

An online publication to share the stories of the community. Keep up to date on what is going on with your fellow iGEMers.


Future Programs:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Leadership
  • Workshops
  • Professional Development
  • Working Groups


If you have suggestions for additional programs that you would like to see in After iGEM,
send an email to after @ or join the discussions.

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