Mentorship Program

The mentorship program provides a means for high school and collegiate iGEM teams to get help navigating the iGEM competition and for you to refine communication, leadership, and mentoring skills.


As iGEMers, we've had our share of less-than-ideal experiences such as summer projects being too ambitious to finish, BioBrick parts not working (or even going into plasmids backwards!), and team wikis being unfinished until the very last second. iGEM is all about working together and we hope that this mentorship program will bring teams and iGEMers together to be even stronger and continue to make an impact on the world.


Through the AlumniGEM mentorship program, high school and collegiate teams will each be guided by one-two mentors throughout the summer on processes such as designing and troubleshooting an experiment, incorporating human practices (integrative and / or educational) into the iGEM project, creating an abstract, developing a team wiki, and submitting a BioBrick. They will have online meetings with their mentors at least twice per month during the competition season to learn these various aspects of iGEM and to have their questions answered.



If you are interested in gaining experience in teaching, giving back to the iGEM community, and expanding your iGEM contact network, apply to be a mentor for iGEM 2018! All mentors must have at least 2 years of experience in iGEM, with preferably one of those years being on an iGEM team (but not required). Potential mentors will be evaluated based on their leadership abilities within their respective teams and their experience in mentoring others within iGEM or in other contexts.


Apply now to join the 2018 Mentorship Program


If you have any questions regarding the Mentorship program, feel free to reach out to Guilherme at after AT igem DOT org.

And join the Mentorship Program Interest Group to stay up to date with new opportunities!





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