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iGEM Digest reports the exciting news, the groundbreaking advances and the life-changing initiatives from the iGEM community to the iGEM community all over the world. Interviews, reports, articles, and analysis connecting the advances of After iGEMers from pole to pole.

The first issue of the iGEM Digest is now live!!!! Click above to take a deep dive.

Every year thousands of regional leaders gather together in the Jamboree and share their fascinating ideas. What happens after the competition? What are the most thrilling projects guided by those dreamers? Are you looking for a breathtaking event report or would you like to know the thoughts of a SynBio expert? iGEM Digest features the best stories of this worldwide community.


iGEM Digest is made by iGEMers to iGEMers. This is an opportunity to exercise your writing skills, to present interesting initiatives, to interview stakeholders and to improve your communication techniques. You can write about any topic in any format that you feel comfortable with. Would you like to interview the headquarter of a start-up nearby? Go for it. Would you like to report an astonishing event you attended lately? We would love to read it. However, to bring iGEM Digest to life we need more than exciting articles. We are also looking for editors to give birth to this electrifying project.




iGEM Digest is a collaborative global writing experience. The contributors will build together its world-class content. The working of many hands all over the globe will determine the final form of this exciting project. Are you the first in line to join our audience? Stay tuned for updates!



We are happy to announce that we are recruiting reporters and editors.  Reporters will periodically contribute with different materials. Editors will review and give final form to iGEM Digest. You can also submit proposals for our first edition, without the commitment of joining as a regular reporter or editor. If you are applying to an editor position, we would love to take a look at your past works. 

Apply now to join the next issue of iGEM Digest:


iGEM Digest: First Issue 

This issue of the iGEM Digest offers a diverse collection of articles that fall under ten sections as follows:

1. Letter From the VP

The Letter From the VP is an address from our director, Meagan Lizarazo.

2. Letter From the Editors

The Letter from the Editors outlines the theme of the issue and provides an overview of what to expect.

3. Featured Stories

This section includes articles and interviews from high-impact individuals and industry in the synthetic biology community.

4. Friends of iGEM

Friends of iGEM contains interviews and stories featuring organizations and individuals who help make iGEM possible.

5. Editor's Pick

Editor's Pick contains special articles by Editors on stories from the world of iGEM and Synthetic Biology that contain within themselves the spirit of iGEM

6. iGEM Storytime

Communication is key in generating public interest in science. iGEM Tales challenges teams to provide a narrative about their iGEM project in a captivating manner for the wider science community and the public.  

7. Ambassador Highlights

The Ambassador Highlights section provides anecdotes from Ambassadors on their After iGEM goals and journey


We are now calling for submissions for Perspectives, Lab Notes, iGEM Moments, and iGEM Tales.

To submit, please email ambassadors-2018@igem.org.


If you have any questions regarding the Ambassador program, feel free to reach out to us at after AT igem DOT org.

And join the Reporter Program Interest Group to stay up to date with new opportunities!



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