Delegate Program

Giving iGEMers the opportunity to be part of the global conversation on synthetic biology.

The After iGEM Delegate Program gives iGEMers the opportunity to attend key international meetings and be part of the global conversation on synthetic biology.


After iGEM Delegates at United Nations Biodiversity Conference in Cancun (Alan Pacheco, Pablo Vargas, Saylee Jangam, Ediner Fuentes and Carlos Gustavo da Silva)

New technologies, particularly synthetic biology, have become items on the agenda in United Nations Conferences, whether the topic centers around such as biodiversity, health & medicine, biosafety and biosecurity. It is important to encourage new voices to join the debate as well as to bring scientists closer to policy makers.

Through the Delegate Program, iGEM has been represented in the UN Convention on Biological Diversity and the Biological Weapons Convention. In both meetings, iGEMers had the opportunity to attend plenary sessions, talk to their countries’ delegations, and share their knowledge about synthetic biology.

iGEM is the largest community of synthetic biologists in the world, and consists of some of the most confident, talented, and motivated young minds in the field. Our delegates exemplified these qualities and they were essential to our successful participation at the conference. Their dedication and commitment allowed iGEM to have positive voice in the global conversation.


Read what past After iGEM delegates have to say about their experience at the Biological Weapons Convention and the UN Convention on Biodiversity

This year, we will continue the program with even more opportunities for our community!


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If you have questions about the Delegate program, feel free to reach out to Ana at after AT igem DOT org.

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