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iGEM Ambassador - Call for Applications:

After iGEM is an initiative to connect, support, and inspire the 35,000+ iGEMers to continue leading in synthetic biology wherever they are around the world. It is meant to help you take what you’ve learned in iGEM, combine it with your passion, and help turn it into action. One of the programs offered through After iGEM is the Ambassador program. The iGEM Ambassadors represent the iGEM community and promote Synthetic Biology in their respective regions. They are a diverse team of regional leaders who have experienced the iGEM adventure and now work together to find and connect iGEMers, promote initiatives to expand iGEM and collaborate with local stakeholders to disseminate cooperation across their community.

The impact of the team goes beyond the borders. As an After iGEM Ambassador you have the opportunity to join a global team, advocating for the iGEM values across the seven seas. By joining the iGEM Ambassador Program, you will have two main goals:



Your work as an ambassador will be in pursuit of the above main goals. In achieving them, you may also;


Finally, the position promotes self-directed job definition! It is not only about following in the footsteps of what previous Ambassadors have done or accomplished, but is also about you figuring out how best you think you can promote iGEM and Synthetic Biology at large and for your region! For example, most of these achievements by this year’s team of Ambassadors were actually self-selected initiatives.

The Ambassador Program is an opportunity to change your life, by taking control and changing how Synthetic Biology is carried out in your region. Join us in shaping our field together and help us spread the iGEM spirit all around the world!

The new round of After iGEM Ambassador applications is NOW OPEN and it closes on 30th of November, 2018.

We will get back to you by the final weeks of December 2018 and We are looking toward a start date in January 2019.

*The Ambassador Call is open for both full-time and part-time positions.


2018 Ambassador' Stories:

As the Ambassadors continue their journeys, you can have a look at the exciting programs they are working on, their activities with the region and their experience being an Ambassador in the Ambassador Stories. Sit back, open the chapters and let us know what you think. 

July: Chapter 1
August: Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4

The Ambassador Program is an opportunity to promote, support and inspire your local iGEM community. Let’s work together and spread the iGEM spirit around the world.


The iGEM Ambassadors represent the iGEM community all over the planet. Each ambassador proposes a plan to propel the field locally, assisting prospect and current iGEMers. They proceed to execute the proposal throughout the season, connecting stakeholders and disseminating cooperation across the neighbourhood. Ambassadors are regional leaders, flaming candles working together to brighten the globe.


The Ambassador Program returned for the 2018 season. Adventurers, dreamers, and explorers from all over the world joined this wonderful team.  What is the pathway that you foresee for the growth of iGEM in your region? What are your ideas to improve the experience of your fellow iGEMers? Reach out the Ambassador from your region, share your ideas and let's work together to shape the future.


Amy Chen

North American Ambassador

Amy is entering her final year in the Bachelors of Health Sciences Program at the University of Calgary. She was part of the 2017 UCalgary iGEM team and is currently the subsystem lead for Astroplastic, a project selected for engineered systems testing in microgravity. She is also founder and co-president of Synbio Calgary, a campus club that aims to promote synthetic biology within the community. Her interests lie in the combination of biotechnology, community engagement, and policy development.

amy AT igem DOT org



Chen Hong

Asian Ambassador

Chen Hong holds a bachelors of Applied Biology from Shenzhen institute of technology. She was the leader of a 2017 iGEM team and is currently a teaching assistant at SIT. She also runs a biotech startup in southern China. Her interests are Biotechnology, Entrepreneurship and Innovative activities. Besides, she has experience in cosmetic and health products development using Traditional Chinese Medicine.

chen AT igem DOT org



Hassnain Q. Bokhari

Asian Ambassador

Hassnain holds a Bachelors of Sciences Degree in Applied Biosciences from NUST and was a part of the iGEM Competition in 2017. His interests include Science Communication and Policy Development. He has taken up initiatives such as Mobile Lab Project and founded Speck, a biotech startup in Pakistan. He occasionally combines his love for Science & Poetry on his blog “Opera of Science”.

hassnain AT igem DOT org



Holly M. Bowman

North American Ambassador

Holly wants to create a culture of accessibility in synthetic biology. She holds a Bachelors of Sciences in Physics from Georgia State University and has participated in the iGEM competition since 2012. She was one of the leaders of the 2017 GSU iGEM team, who won the chairman's award for their public engagement and outreach efforts to promote the accessibility of scientific communication to the deaf and hard of hearing community. Her interests lie in exploring particle symmetry, community outreach, and creating cheaper therapeutic alternatives. When she is not working, she enjoys attending local art shows, exploring new local restaurants, and hosting dinner and game nights for her friends.

holly AT igem DOT org


Japheth Kelly

African Ambassador

Japheth aims to make iGEM a household name through university campuses across the African continent, and encourage a problem-solving ethos by using synthetic biology. Having participated in iGEM with the pioneering team from Ghana and West Africa in 2017 and achieving the Chairman’s, Japheth graduated from Ashesi University, with a BSc. Hons in Computer Science. When he isn’t developing code to solve waste management issues, he is working on science advocacy, teaching Big History and reading Nature

japhet AT igem DOT org



John Girgis

North American Ambassador

John received his Master's in Biochemistry from the University of Ottawa. He experienced iGEM for the first time in 2012 with the uOttawa team, and has since expanded his love of research to promote publicly accessible science through Ottawa's DIY-Biology community. His interests include teaching, data science, and the intersection of computing and biology.

john AT igem DOT org



Ricardo Camilo Chavez 

Latin American Ambassador

Ricardo holds a Masters in Systems and Synthetic biology from the University of Edinburgh,  he is a lecturer in Synthetic Biology at ITESM and co-founded, Scintia, a startup that focuses on facilitating the way people learn and innovate through synthetic biology in emerging economies. He has participated in iGEM as a team leader mentor and adviser over the last 8 years and is always available to talk about new ways to help develop synthetic biology throughout the region.

ricardo AT igem DOT org



Thea Chrysostomou 

European Ambassador

Thea has just graduated from her undergraduate degree in Biomedical Sciences and she is now going to begin her journey in medical school. Her first experience with iGEM was when she participated in the Competition in 2017. She aims to expand the world of science by introducing the infinite possibilities iGEM can bring. Thea is always ready to dance to Latin music and she also appreciates jazz.

thea AT igem DOT org




Will Wright

European Ambassador

Will is driven by the potential of Synthetic Biology to improve the quality of our lives. He has made a career of building new biotech businesses as a business developer in industry, a founder in start-ups and as a seed stage investor in the life sciences. He has a cross disciplinary background with masters in Biotechnology (KU) and Business Administration (CBS), alongside electives in art and design (ECA). He currently lectures on Bio-markets and Bio entrepreneurship at Copenhagen Business School (CBS) . He has been involved in iGEM for just under a decade and participated in St Andrews iGEM team 2010 and University of Copenhagen team 2013, and later went on to sponsor, supervise and advise the University of Copenhagen 2015, 2016 and 2017 teams before becoming an After iGEM Ambassador in 2018.

will AT igem DOT org


Guilherme E. Kundlatsch

Ambassador Program co-coordinator 

Guilherme had the pleasure of joining iGEM for different teams in both Brazil and UK and applied this motley background as the Brazilian iGEM Ambassador during the last season. He belives that SynBio may solve once and for all many of the main challenges of mankind during this century, and therefore envisions the day when every living soul will have the possibility to learn and apply this field. His research experience is focused on developing a philosopher's stone and turning waste into gold: anything from collecting endophitic fungi in a swamp to modelling engineered bacteria producing food additivies. If you would like a partner to climb a rocky sea clif, to explore some ancient ruins in a tropical forest or to start an iGEM team in a new region, just mail him.

guilherme AT igem DOT org


Camélia joined the European iGEM Meetup



The Ambassador program is flexible by nature, adapting accordingly to the different regions. Each member interacts directly with the local community, developing activities and remaining in close contact with the other ambassadors. The ambassadors are free to find the more suitable pathway for their regions, but they walk together. By cooperating, they develop a powerful network on global scale.


Abigail at the Synthetic Biology Australasian Conference


The pilot program was held in 2006 with much success but was unable to be replicated as the competition grew exponentially. It was re-launched in 2017 -- Abigail Sison (Australasia), Camélia Bencherif and Thomas Landrain (Europe), Ana Sifuentes (Latin America) and Guilherme Kundlatsch (Brazil) composed the 2017 Ambassadors squad. They attended regional events, encouraged local teams and promoted the implementation of new iGEM groups. During the Giant Jamboree, the Ambassadors presented their achievements to the community, inspiring eventual successors and receiving insightful feedback from the audience.


If you have any questions regarding the Ambassador program, feel free to reach out to Guilherme at after AT igem DOT org.

And join the Ambassador Program Interest Group to stay up to date with new opportunities!



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