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  • iGEM at the Convention on Biological Diversity 2018

    Aug 13, 2018


    From November 17th to the 29th, Sharm El-Sheikh will host the United Nations Convention on Biological diversity (https://www.cbd.int/conferences/2018), where stakeholders from more than 190 will join efforts in order to protect global biodiversity. 

    Synthetic Biology will be one of the key items of the agenda as well as the Cartagena and the Nagoya protocols, two crucial international agreements that strive for the safe and fair use of genetic resources.

    After iGEM is preparing to participate in this event and we are looking for iGEMers to talk about synthetic biology, how it can be used to protect biodiversity and to share their iGEM experience.

    Second Round of applications closes August 19! 

    Contact ana [at] igem [dot] org if you have any questions or issues regarding the application form.

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