United Nations Biodiversity Conference 2016

Nov 06, 2017

The UN Biodiversity Conference took place in Cancun Mexico from 2 - 17 December, 2016. Over 7,000 participants from 170 countries and over 400 organizations came together to combine efforts to protect biodiversity on a global scale. The Cartagena and the Nagoya protocols were an essential component of this meeting as these two crucial international agreements strive for the safe and fair use of genetic resources. 

Representatives from the iGEM Foundation along with a group of 5 iGEM delegates attended the 13th Conference of the Parties in order to be part of the international conversation regarding synthetic biology.

One of our main goals at the conference was to engage key policy-makers in meaningful conversations about synthetic biology and to increase the profile of iGEM in a positive way within the regulatory sphere.

To help achieve this, general callouts were made to current and past teams requesting applications for passionate individuals wishing to help represent iGEM. Candidates were invited to apply from any experience level, including team PIs and students alike, and after an application and interview process, five enthusiastic individuals were carefully selected:

  • Carlos Gustavo da Silva Nunes, Ph.D. (2013/Manaus_Amazonas-Brazil, 2014/UFAM-Brazil, 2015/UFAM-Brazil, 2016/UFAM-UEA_Brazil)
  • Ediner Fuentes (2014/Zamorano)
  • Saylee Jangam (2016/Sheffield)
  • Alan Pacheco (2014/BostonU)
  • Pablo Vargas (2016/TEC-Costa_Rica)

To read more about this meeting and iGEM's involvement, visit http://igem.org/UNBiodiversityConference2016

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