Ambassador Diary, Europe: Chapter 2

Aug 09, 2019

While most of the happenings in Europe take a break during this time, the summer marks the European iGEM Meetup season. Last month, we attended 2 larger meetups where we interacted with 2019 teams, introduced After iGEM and organized workshops.

Das German Meetup - July 2019


Germany has the most iGEM teams in Europe - 17. We met almost all of them at the meetup organized by Team Duesseldorf. It was also a great chance to meet and talk with representatives from the German Association for Synthetic Biology (GASB) and other stakeholders present at the meetup. Thank you Dusseldorf for inviting us!

Eropean iGEM Meetup - July 2019

Paris is a unique iGEM center with 6 teams from the same city participating for years. The teams from Paris came together this year and co-organized the official European meetup visited by over 20 teams from: France, Germany, Netherlands, Greece, Switzerland, and Finland. This meetup was also the perfect opportunity to meet with Ambassadors from 2018 and 2017, President and Vice-President of the iGEM Foundation, and members of HQ. Will Wright (Ambassador 2018) held an SDG hackathon together with JOGL founder Thomas Landrain (Ambassador 2017), while I organized a world cafe discussion workshop on After iGEM related topics (academia & research, industry, science communication, and policy). We also visited another event at the Center for Research & Interdisciplinary experiments (CRI). Thank you for having us, Paris!


Join upcoming European events:

  • Alpine Meetup (Munich, Germany): 30-31 Aug

  • BioRoboost Workshop: Biosafety and Society (Ghent, Belgium): 3 Sep

  • 3rd Mediterranean iGEM Meetup (Marseille, France): 5-6 Sep

  • SynBio Standards Workshop (Porto, Portugal): 12 Sep

  • German Conference for Synthetic Biology by GASB (Aachen, Germany): 12-13 Sep

  • Biotech Atelier (Sofia, Bulgaria): 25 Sep

  • EUSynBioS Symposium (Brno, Czech Republic): 30 Sep - 1 Oct

  • And more coming soon!

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