Applications For 2019 After iGEM Mentorship Program Are Now Open

May 25, 2019

The After iGEM Mentorship Program started off in 2015 as a way to bridge experienced iGEMers with new iGEMers.

The After iGEM Mentorship Program provides the means for high school, community labs and collegiate iGEM teams to learn from mentors and have the necessary support to participate in the iGEM competition. The program is coordinated by the After iGEM Education Committee, a team composed of former iGEMers that share their expertise and experience in leading educational programs.

Who are these mentors?

  • They are iGEMers with previous experience in the iGEM Competition
  • They will help a team navigate the competition through the understanding of its structure and requirements
  • They will support the team in progressing accordingly and working towards deadlines

As researchers in the iGEM competition, we all understand the unique challenges that come with working at the cutting edge of knowledge. Projects can be too ambitious, and working within a tight time-frame is a formidable task. iGEM is all about working together to make biology fun and easy to engineer, and the goal of the Mentorship Program will be to bring the Teams and Alumni together, so that everyone can meet their goals for iGEM 2019

For iGEM 2019, Mentorship Program Applications are now open!

To become an After iGEM Mentor! Apply at the following link

For iGEM Teams who want Mentorship support, apply at the following link


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