Ambassador Program

The Ambassador Program is an opportunity to promote, support and inspire your local iGEM community. Let’s work together and spread the iGEM spirit around the world.


The iGEM Ambassadors represent the iGEM community all over the planet. Each ambassador proposes a plan to propel the field locally, assisting prospect and current iGEMers. They proceed to execute the proposal throughout the season, connecting stakeholders and disseminating cooperation across the neighbourhood. Ambassadors are regional leaders, flaming candles working together to brighten the globe.

Camélia joined the European iGEM Meetup


The pilot program was held in 2006 with much success but was unable to be replicated as the competition grew exponentially. It was re-launched in 2017 -- Abigail Sison (Australasia), Camélia Bencherif and Thomas Landrain (Europe), Ana Sifuentes (Latin America) and Guilherme Kundlatsch (Brazil) composed the 2017 Ambassadors squad. They attended regional events, encouraged local teams and promoted the implementation of new iGEM groups. During the Giant Jamboree, the Ambassadors presented their achievements to the community, inspiring eventual successors and receiving insightful feedback from the audience.

Abigail at the Synthetic Biology Australasian Conference


The program is flexible by nature, adapting accordingly to the different regions. Each member interacts directly with the local community, developing activities and remaining in close contact with the other ambassadors. The ambassadors are free to find the more suitable pathway for their regions, but they walk together. By cooperating, they develop a powerful network on global scale.




The Ambassador Program is returning for the 2018 season. Adventurers, dreamers, and explorers are invited to join this journey. What is the pathway that you foresee for the growth of iGEM in your region? What are your ideas to improve the experience of your fellow iGEMers? We are assembling this global team and waiting for your subscription.



As an iGEM Ambassador you will:


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If you have any questions regarding the Ambassador program, feel free to reach out to Guilherme at after AT igem DOT org.

And join the Ambassador Program Interest Group to stay up to date with new opportunities!



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