After iGEM on JOGL


After iGEM Space on JOGL will be the place for you to explore a full range of projects happening within iGEM Community under different topics and choose the working groups you'd like to join. If you have ideas for new initiatives and projects, you can post them on our Space and find iGEMers sharing the same interest as you!

Just One Giant Lab (JOGL) is an open and massive mobilization platform for collaborative task solving. On JOGL you will find people with different skills and resources and several projects to which you can contribute. With our Space on JOGL, we hope our community can actively learn about what's happening in After iGEM and help us make our projects even more impactful.

Goals of our JOGL Space

  1. Find and get updates on iGEM Community projects.
  2. Connect with and contribute to our project's working groups.
  1. Get inspired and propose new projects and initiatives.
  2. Engage with people with different skills and resources.


Learn more about After iGEM and our Space, and get in contact with us. On the Feed, you can follow and get updates, news, results and opportunities about the iGEM Community and our projects.


Our activities are based on the iGEM Networks: Academia & Research, Education, Governance & Policy, Industry, Open Science & Accessibility, and Science Communication. There are also topics for the Alliance of SynBio Associations and the Mentors Network. The activities section maintains our projects and allows you to find them under different topics of interest.


You will find projects from the Steering Groups, Ambassadors and Initiative leads on our Network topics. You can get updates and collaborate with existing projects, or propose new ones!

Needs & Resources

Find out how you can collaborate with different projects in After iGEM based on your skills and resources. You can also get extra information about Networks and projects under the resources section.

We are working on a Demo of our JOGL Space. Stay tuned for updates!