Women Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

An event organised by the Women in STEM

The Women Entrepreneurship Bootcamp aims to encourage women to join SynBio entrepreneurship by building participants’ confidence in their start-up ideas, providing information on funding and pitching and discussing inspirational work by current female entrepreneurs.


Event planned for July 28-31


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Event Details


This four day online event will take place over Zoom and Slack with networking sessions, panel discussions, interviews and mock pitch sessions. The Women in Entrepreneurship bootcamp is open to all members of current iGEM teams, iGEM Alumni and members of the public. We encourage attendees to come with STEM and synbio project and startup ideas for workshopping with mentors.


Panel Discussions

  • Female Entrepreneurship 101: providing a concise overview of how women might begin their entrepreneurial path by discussing with several female founders from various industries about how they got started.
  • Investing in Female-led Start-ups: discussing investment prospects as well as the challenges that female-led startups face in raising funds
  • Being a Mother and a Founder: a fresh perspective and addressing the fears of potential female entrepreneurs who are worried of being unable to juggle between motherhood and entrepreneurship


  • Discover: idea generation. Get inspired by your surroundings, filter a project idea based on your personal interest and its benefits for the future society
  • Decipher: setting up your enterprise, getting support and matching vision to the Idea
  • Develop: reflection, developing your idea further, enterprise management and working on your action plan

Interview Topics

  • The Journey of Female Founders
  • Leading the Era of WiSTEM


There will be several opportunities for participants and mentors to network and discuss their ideas and projects. We hope that participants will come with an idea to pitch and develop during the workshop.

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