Industry Talks

An event organised by the Industry

The Industry working group organized a series of talks addressing the experiences of Industry Professionals. We would like to represent all kinds of job positions, such as biologists, project managers and business developers, but also independent professionals who launched their own business. We brought in seasoned professionals and iGEM alumni who just landed their first job. Talks covered job applications, writing resumes, switching careers, and upskilling. No matter the stage of your career, you are sure to find great advice.

Duration: 1 hour per session. There will be a new session every week and the series will continue for 3 weeks.

Series Description

We believe that one of the best ways to learn and make decisions about your career is to hear from Professionals who have gone through the same thing. Our series of talks will cover the important milestones of your career from resumes and cover letters to living in a foreign country and upskilling & retraining. We want to empower you with the tools and advice to make the most of your iGEM experience and unlock your potential. All talks will be live and posted to the iGEM Video Universe. There will be a chance to ask questions live so don’t miss out. We will be adding more information soon so keep an eye out on all After iGEM platforms.

Series Timeline

Talk titleDateTime
State of the IndustrySeptember 19th,202115:00 UTC
Promoting your SkillsSeptember 26th,202115:00 UTC
Evolving your CareerOctober 3rd,202115:00 UTC

Program Leads