2017 Giant Jamboree

Nov 09, 2017 22:00 -
Nov 13, 2017 22:00 UTC
Hynes Convention Center, Boston, MA, USA

Join us for the Giant Jamboree! This five-day event will be a celebration of synthetic biology accomplishment; featuring presentations, poster sessions, workshops and social events.

Specific to past iGEMers, there will be special After iGEM events.

For details, see: http://2017.igem.org/Giant_Jamboree

To register, visit: http://2017.igem.org/Giant_Jamboree/Register

Be sure to use the special discount code for past iGEMers and get a 10% discount!
Code: AfteriGEM2017
Code expires August 31, 2017. Not applicable to current team members.

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