Ambassador Program

About the Program

The iGEM Ambassadors represent and promote iGEM and synthetic biology in their respective regions. The iGEM Ambassadors are a diverse and international team of regional leaders who have experienced iGEM and now work together to promote initiatives to expand iGEM and collaborate with local stakeholders to disseminate cooperation across their community. The pilot Ambassador Program was held in 2006 and was re-launched in 2017. The Ambassadors attended regional events, encouraged local teams and supported the implementation of new iGEM teams. The program continued in 2018 and 2019, and in 2020, it was adapted to assist the iGEM Competition due to the global pandemic.

Program Goals

Being an interface between the teams and iGEM HQ and help improve iGEM experience

The iGEM Ambassadors connect with iGEM Competition teams throughout the year as an interface between the participants and iGEM HQ. Their activities help teams to navigate through the competition and along with communicating their progress with HQ to help build the best competition experience.

Recruit potential teams and identify barriers to entry

Whether it’s recruiting new teams or identifying barriers to entry, the iGEM Ambassadors promote iGEM and synthetic biology in their regions, and develop resources to help prospective teams. They are a diverse and an international team and their activities provide us insight into their local synbio ecosystems.

Connect to iGEM alumni and be a voice for regional iGEM communities

There are over 60,000 iGEMers all around the world. The iGEM Ambassadors connect with their local and regional iGEMers and work together with them for the worldwide development of iGEM & Synthetic Biology. They organize activities throughout the year and create platforms that enable alumni to collaborate on impactful projects.

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